Our Partners

Ballroom Spirit Foundation

Ballroom Spirit Foundation is a non profit organization that serves to support young amateur competitors between 16-21 years of age in the study of ballroom dancing. This is accomplished through grants, scholarships, and mentorship.


California Gold Rush Dancesport Series

The California Gold Rush DanceSport Series is designed for competitors who live in, or love visiting California. Our state is a powerhouse of dance, featuring great competitors and thirteen exceptionally strong competitions.

You don’t have to go far to compete at great events. Stake your claim, and experience the California Gold Rush DanceSport Series today.


Dance Vision Circut

The Dance Vision Circuit begins at the Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships and will end with the Finale at next year’s Emerald Ball in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Over 90 Competitions – Over $110,000 in prizes.

One epic dancesport circuit.


Dancesport Series

What is the Dancesport Series?
The City Lights Open is honored to be a member of the largest series event, The World Pro-Am Dancesport Series. (Region 6.)

The World Pro/Am Dancesport Series is a network of over 80 Dancesport events held throughout North America that promotes their events with a highly desired reward system. The series is about giving back to you! Accumulating points is the name of the game! Points will rank you Regionally, Nationally, and get cash back to spend!

The top 20 overall students who compete in a World Pro/Am Dancesport event will each receive a Region pin along with their $100 Voucher Award, which can be used towards Pro/Am entries at any other World Pro-Am Dancesport event outside the region in which you reside.

The placements you receive in our Multi-Dance Championships will earn you points towards the largest Team Match in North America held at the Ohio Star Ball Championships in November.

All Teachers accumulate points towards the top overall teacher award ($25,000) to be presented at the Ohio Star Ball Championships.


Fordney Foundation

The Fordney Foundation is a nonprofit foundation for dance sport that was established in May, 2002. It was created because it adds many positive dimensions to children’s lives. It gets them to eat right, exercise, work out, and look good. It helps them develop rhythm, appreciate music, and increase their physical strength. It helps them become equal partners in performance thereby enhancing social development.


HeartSoles Foundation

Supporting dancers two soles at a time.
HeartSoles Foundation envisions a world where all dancers have access and opportunity to reach their full artistic potential, regardless of socio-economic class. HeartSoles provides dance shoes, competitive attire and scholarships to dancers in impoverished communities. It is with donations and community that they are able to reach dancers in all corners of the globe and give them access to the shoes that will carry them forward on their artistic journey.